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Your Parking Lot Should Be Secure

We usually think of a parking lot in Baton Rouge, LA as just a place that people store their vehicles when not in use. The reality, however, is that property managers need to go beyond this line of thinking and see a parking lot as a place to...Read More

How Do Wireless Alarm Systems Work?

An alarm system for your home or business in Baton Rouge, LA is a great way to protect yourself, and the people or investments you care about. However, these days, modern alarm systems have made some important advances in both functionality, and...Read More

Vacation Safety Tips For Any Homeowner

Heading out for vacation is part of almost everyone’s life, and Baton Rouge residents need that downtime to enjoy the world, refresh their minds and bodies, and more. But is it really possible to truly enjoy your vacation if you’re...Read More

4 Ideas For Protecting Your Valuables

Burglary tends to be rare outside of certain neighborhoods, and because of that many homes will never suffer a burglary once.  However, no home is completely safe from burglary, and so it’s important to avoid tempting potential robbers...Read More

How AI Is Enhancing Security Technology

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI), or machine learning, technology is becoming more sophisticated. One technology AI will be of great benefit is in the security industry. AI will not only help identify events like current...Read More

Helpful Safety Tips for Airbnb Hosts to Follow

If you are looking for some additional funds to supplement your income in Baton Rouge, LA and you have a vacant property, then you might have already considered the benefits of using your property as an Airbnb for travelers. Travelers are always...Read More

What To Do If Your Security System Goes Off While You Are Away

Whether it’s in your car, in a shopping mall, or in a home, alarms sometimes go off when they’re not expected. Most times, the alarms amount to very little. But it can still cause panic as drivers fumble for their keys, and homeowners...Read More

You Can Improve The Security Of A Church

Traditionally, churches, synagogues, temples, mosques and other places of worship in Baton Rouge, LA have been regarded as safe spaces; places of faith, and even sanctuary for those who need it. Sadly, in modern America, even places of worship are...Read More

Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Security

Artificial intelligence still seems like a far off concept for most businesses in Baton Rouge, LA, but while true AI that has thoughts and feelings is still far beyond us, an AI capable of making decisions based on the information and guidelines...Read More

Modernizing Your Visitor Management Systems

Any company or other organization, such as a hospital or school in Baton Rouge, LA has a common issue; visitor management. Many organizations have a policy to allow visitors, but the ways that visitors come in, interact and leave needs to be...Read More

The Challenges Of Campus Security

When a campus has their annual security assessment or audient, the chances are high that they’re like to find some sort of vulnerabilities. Campuses, whether in Baton Rouge, LA or elsewhere in the country, are simply complex to completely...Read More

3 Reasons Why Your Family Needs A Wireless Security System

The world appears to have become a dangerous place today. Criminals seem to be lurking in the shadows everywhere waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Often, things happen when Baton Rouge kiddos are away from home. For instance, news outlets...Read More

Can Video Surveillance Nip Employee Theft Issues In The Bud?

A lot of people overlook particular security problems in the workplace. For instance, some folks believe that potential threats are likely only to come from outside sources. These persons are right to a degree, as there are shoplifters, burglars,...Read More

Should You Monitor Your Porch With A Security Camera?

Security cameras are for more than just recording things inside a business or a home. Of course, Baton Rouge proprietors and homeowners can benefit from having the surveillance equipment inside, but that is for another discussion. This post will...Read More

Keep Your Restaurant Safe And Sound With These Tips

People choose to get into the restaurant industry for various reasons. Some folks decide to invest in a chain to reap the benefits of an organization's brand and name. Meanwhile, others elect to go in a different direction with a startup. Regardless...Read More

Do Condos Need Security?

People that live in condos in Baton Rouge, LA generally believe that they are safer from crime than someone that lives in a detached home in a typical neighborhood. From a certain perspective, this is true. If you live on one of the higher floors of...Read More

The Future Of Security Drones Robots And AI

Technology is developing across the security industry at a lightning fast pace. As a result, newer and more sophisticated security technologies are coming out every year. Some of the most advanced technologies are unmanned ground vehicles (UGV),...Read More

Suggestions For Removing A Broken Key From A Lock

Keys play an essential role in our every day lives. They are used to lock and unlock doors of homes, offices, schools, and more. Additionally, unless a person has a brand-new car, they even need a key to start the ignition. However, ignition...Read More

What Ways Can You Integrate A Security System?

A serious business security system is complex and uses several methods and many layers to protect the valuable property, information, and employees in your office, factory, storefront, complex, or other workplaces in Baton Rouge, LA.  These...Read More

Upgrading Your Existing Home Security

If you’ve had a home security system installed in your Baton Rouge, LA home within the last 10 years, you may feel as though you’ve done all you can do to secure your space, and now your job is done. However, as technology advances so do...Read More

What Are The Benefits Of Remote Surveillance Monitoring?

Ever wish that you had a crystal ball to see what’s going on at your Baton Rouge office when you aren’t there? If so, you’re in luck because remote surveillance monitoring is the next best thing. It allows you to have eyes in the...Read More

City Security Trends From 2018

Like those in Baton Rouge, LA know, an increase in population, traffic, and activity will come with an increase of human-made risk. Metropolitan areas around Baton Rouge and all throughout the country are making major investments in enhancing the...Read More

Reasons To Buy A Hidden Security Camera

Sometimes, Baton Rouge, LA citizens want their security cameras to be big and noticeable. Why? They want to be sure that thieves, trespassers, and other criminals can see them. Heck, persons even hang signs up around the property saying that it is...Read More

Integrated Visitor Management Means Safer Schools

While we all hope that schools in Baton Rouge, LA are places where children can get a good education and start discovering who they are, the sad reality is that sometimes, American schools aren’t safe. As the #1 country in the world for school...Read More

5 Reasons You Should Get A Wireless Doorbell System

If you live in a detached or semi-detached home in Baton Rouge, LA you probably already have a doorbell installed on your door. But how modern is your doorbell? How much convenience and even safety does it add to your home? For homes with older...Read More

A Smart Home Needs Security

Modern residents of Baton Rouge, LA that want to live in a truly 21st-century property have a vast number of home choices that can make a residence feel more like a piece of science fiction. Collectively known as the “smart home,” this...Read More

Keep Burglars At Bay With These Home Security Tips

Most people like to believe that their homes are in safe neighborhoods where there is zero chance of a break-in occurring. However, this type of thinking can wind up getting them in trouble. Failing to take the proper preventative measures can lead...Read More

How Facial Recognition Technology Works To Provide Security

As security technology advances in Baton Rouge, LA, biometric identification solutions are becoming more prevalent. One of the most technologically-advanced forms of biometrics is facial recognition technology (FRT). FRT analyzes the unique features...Read More

How Can Property Owners Benefit From An Access Control System?

Today’s access control systems are full of security benefits. Property owners of the Baton Rouge, LA region benefit from access control systems, and especially those with all of the bells and whistles the modern age has to offer. This security...Read More

How Biometrics And AI Will Advance Security

Security technology is expanding at a rapid pace. Two of the most important are biometrics and AI. Together, these technologies will increase the level of security features available for businesses around Baton Rouge, LA. However, as these are newer...Read More

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